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As the first Association and Validation Company for EU | UK Validations and international supply chain expertise, EUIVA provides official Validation Services (ACC3, RA3, KC3, GDP) and Consulting Services by a team of fully EU/UK-accredited Aviation Security Validators with long-term experience in the airline and cargo industry, as well as professionals with long term auditing and logistics expertise.

EUIVA offers one-stop shopping for worldwide validation services to consistently high standards. Performed by top professionals (IATA CEIV) selected for their commitment and ability to validate with minimal impact on cargo operations, EUIVA's approach is to take a snapshot of the effectiveness of the measures in place "to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference that jeopardize the security of civil aviation" and to be compliant on international supply chain standards.

If desired, our consultancy department could also prepare the stakeholders for the validation in the ACC3 / RA3 / KC3 / GDP process, as well as supply chain security standards. We will help you achieve compliance with regulatory standards cost-effectively, transparently and with minimal impact on your operations.

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Management Team

Benjamin Krauss


Starting his career with studies in medical and pharma services with touching points in hygiene regulations, GDP, food- and perishable industry, Benjamin Krauß, switched his focus to the logistics- and air cargo industry in 2009. With more than 10 years of experience in supply chain management, cool-chain logistics and air cargo security where he also founded one company, he worked for a worldwide freight forwarding brand and regulated agent, holding the position as the head security manager responsible for development and implementing of supply chain- and air cargo security standards, internal auditing- & risk management schemes, trucking fleets and cool chain projects.

In 2020 Benjamin Krauß joined EUIVA GmbH as managing director, partner and is an EU/UK-accredited IATA approved Aviation Security Validator.

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Heinz Stadelmeier


Heinz Stadelmeier joined a main german carrier as a management trainee in 1969. On completion of the 3 year program, he started his career in the cargo segment in 1972. After a number of head office roles, he was appointed to management positions in South America, the Middle East, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe/CIS over a period of more than 20 years. His responsibilities included establishing new stations, implementing security standards compliant with ICAO and EU regulations and auditing own stations and handling partners for warehouse and apron compliance.

In 2007, he founded his own company offering GSA, Charter and Consultancy services and since 2011 has specialized in air cargo security and supply chain management, supporting forwarders and shippers in obtaining RA and KC status. Since 2012, he has performed audits for regulated suppliers throughout the transport chain.

He is a founding member of EUIVA GmbH.

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Stefan Zimmermann


After an early career in the media branch (during which he founded 2 companies), Stefan Zimmerman caught the “aviation bug” and turned his focus to the transport and airline industries.

After graduating from his business administration studies in 2006 with majors in International Management and Management Systems and projects in the United States, Australia and China, he was appointed to a senior management position with a regulated agent in Germany.

In 2008, he founded his own consulting company, focusing on international supply chain security and consultancy for shippers, industry and the airline sector. He established security programs, standards and full supply chain security programs for regulated agents, known suppliers and known consignors for a number of national and international customers. He is accredited as a trainer by the German Federal Aviation Administration (LBA). As an auditor, he has performed several internal and federal validations for regulated agents, AEOs, quality and known consignor programs.

Together with his partner, he is a founding member of EUIVA GmbH and is an EU/UK-accredited IATA approved Aviation Security Validator.

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