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Since 1. July 2014, the European Union (EU) has required air cargo and mail carriers operating into the European Union (including Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) from third country airports to obtain an Aviation Security Validation (ACC3) covering the entire secure supply chain.  Supply Chain Stakeholders are 'Known Consignors' (KC3) and 'Regulated Agents/General Handling Agents` (RA3).

Without this status, an airline is not permitted to transport cargo and/or mail to or via the EU. This requirement is based    on Regulation  (EU) No 2015/1998 amended by Regulation (EU) No 2017/815.

The following main objectives have to be implemented by the validated entity in the form of an ACC3-, RA3- or KC3- Security Program. This program and its procedures must be in compliance with the EU-Regulations and the Validation (On-Site or Desktop) must confirm these objectives:

  • Documentation & Security Program
  • Organization & Responsibilities
  • Staff Recruitment and Training
  • Acceptance- & Handling Procedures
  • Database
  • Screening
  • Handling of High-Risk Cargo & Mail (HRCM)
  • Protection (physical)
  • Accompanying Documentation

The Independent EU Aviation Security Validator (IV) might need up to one month to complete the Checklist/Official Report after the Validation (On-Site or Desktop). Once this Report is compliant with the EU-Regulations, the appropriate EU Authority (CAA of EU member state) will evaluate this report in order to grant official EU ACC3-, RA3- or KC3- status and to activate the validated entity with its respective UAI (Unique Alphanumeric Identifier) in the Union Database on Supply Chain Security.
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