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Validation procedure

Validation process chart

Implementation of the ACC3- / RA3- or KC3 (EU/UK) requirements

EU/UK regulations require an air carrier to establish an ACC3 Security Program, standards and security measures implemented to meet the respective current EU/UK regulatory requirements (EU/UK Regulations) when operating Air Cargo or Air Mail into the European Union from a Third Country Airport. The same applies for Ground Handling Operators (RA3) or Known Consigner (KC3).

The only exceptions are for air carriers flying from a “Green List” country (List provided by the EU/UK Member States) as a last point of departure to the European Union / UK.

A basic principle of the regulations' security requirements is, that all cargo or mail must be screened or come from a secure supply chain prior be loaded onto an aircraft and carried into the European Union / UK. It is essential to consider also third party (RA3, KC3) relevance, when setting up your individual security program.

An ACC3, RA3 or KC3 must nominate a person with overall responsibility for the implementation of cargo or mail security provisions for the relevant cargo operation. This person has to sign a “Declaration of Commitment” where its duties are precisely described.

The precondition for a successful Validation is that an internal security quality assurance program is in place for all stations. This Security Manual and relevant documents should be provided to the EU/UK Aviation Security Validator in advance to ensure a smooth EU/UK-Validation.

Code of Conduct

According to the code of conduct, avoiding conflicts of interest, your EU/UK-Validator will not prepare your company for a Validation and then afterwards conduct the Validation. We will, however, be pleased to either act as your EU/UK Aviation Security Validator or provide consultancy- or training- services to prepare your organization for the EU/UK-Validation process.

Contact your appropriate EU/UK Authority (Road Map)

EU/UK regulations require that airlines providing cargo and/or mail services to or via the EU from stations located in White List and Red List countries must be certified at these stations through an on-site ACC3-, RA3- or KC3 Validation in order to achieve the official ACC3-, RA3-, KC3- status. This status expires for ACC3 after a maximum of 5 years and for RA3/KC3s after a maximum of 3 years and has to be renewed.

If an airline serves more than 3 ACC3/RA3/KC3 stations, the carrier is entitled to prepare a roadmap, specifying the proposed stations (with the reasons for their selection) and defining a timeline for their verification and submit it to their appropriate European Union Authority. The appropriate EU/UK Authority will then assess the roadmap and either approve it as submitted or require changes prior to approval.

Contact EUIVA Customer Service to find out the appropriate EU member states / UK Authority for your airline.

Order Validation - EU / UK Aviation Security Validator

Once the appropriate authority has agreed to the roadmap and/or the EU/UK-Validation, the ACC3/RA3/KC3 then selects and contracts an EU/UK-certified Aviation Security Validator on its own behalf to perform the official on-site EU/UK Validation.
An ACC3/RA3/KC3 Validation can only be performed by accredited EU/UK Aviation Security Validators approved by the EU-Commission. EUIVA provides global validation services through its officially accredited EU/UK Aviation Security Validators team.

Contact EUIVA Customer Service for a quote for ACC3/RA3/KC3 Validation.

Predocumentation- and program- Check

EUIVA strongly recommends a preliminary document check prior to on-site verification. In this process, EUIVIA provides the airline with a comprehensive checklist of documentation to be assessed prior to on-site inspection. While this is not mandatory, it is a central component of our quality assurance structure and saves customer time and money by ensuring that no time or resources are wasted during on-site inspections. This EUIVA checklist helps defining data and information needed to scope and perform the on-site verification of all defined locations.


EUIVA applies a transparent, cost effective policy for validation travel, creating synergies where possible. EUIVA provides customers with a travel checklist and agrees costs and logistics in advance.

On-Site Validation

The EU/UK-ACC3/RA3/KC3 Validators performing the Validation are chosen, based on local language skills, specific industry knowledge and other factors. EUIVA guarantees time-efficient and cost effective validation with minimal impact on the smooth -running of your operations. Under certain preconditions a Desktop Validation may apply but has in any case to be approved prior consultation by the respective EU/UK appropriate Authority.

EU/UK Report

Following the on-site or desktop validation, the EUIVA Aviation Security Validator will issue a full report as per EU/UK regulations and provide it to the customer for comments. After the “double signature” procedure the EU/UK Aviation Security Validator then lodges the report with the appropriate EU/UK authority for final and official assessment.

Official ACC3/RA3/KC3 status approval

If the appropriate authority is satisfied with the validation report that concludes whether the entity has succeeded in complying with the objectives, the ACC3/RA3/KC3 status will be officially granted.
The designation shall be valid once the EU/UK appropriate Authority has allocated the UAI (unique alpha numeric identifier) and list your entity as an ACC3, RA3 or KC3 in the EU/UK Database in its respective standard format

Validtity / periode of re-validation

It is up to the decision of the respective EU/UK Member State Authority how long the granted Status will be valid.
Once the ACC3/RA3/KC3 Certificate expires a Re-Validation has to be performed in due time order to maintain the status.
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